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Added: Jul 19th, 2016

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Water one of the most important things in our life. The most problematic question is about quality of water. All people need good water in their area. It’s vital for health, hygiene and society. All over the world the sources of water can be contaminated. And because of that this question always actual. Since 2010 our team tries to solve such problems and starts working in this area. We bring new solutions in this industry also it has big potential for science and we choose this way of developing. Such area is a very good for investing. The company always participates in government tenders. We need new investments for developing such technology in local level firs with our city and than on world. The researches are expensive and we use investor’s funds for buy high quality equipment. Our specialists There are a lot of ways for filtrations. New technologies needed to optimize and make it faster, chipper and more effective that’s why we need investors. Technical experts of the company and its professional workers are qualified and authorized to work with all types of filtration and purification equipment. To attract private capital we were forced to pass through incorporation process. This is also required by clients and partners. So since May 2016, Black White Limited is officially registered company in the United Kingdom under No: 10185413: Our address Hillbrow Road, Brighton BN1 5JP. Office is opened to everyone within regular working hours, Monday through Friday. Technology features Depending of industries consultants or environmental science modify some property: about hard or soft water such as for boilers or coolers, about biology of drinking water for making it useful for people and for industrial processes. Black White Limited develops several ways of water treatment. Coagulation. In this way use one or two types liquid aluminum sulfate (alum) and/or polymer is added to untreated (raw) water, after mixing with water the smallest part of dirt stick together. Next step is when big group of dirt particles stick to bigger and heavier after then they can be removed by settling or filtration. Sedimentation. While we clean the raw water flock settles to the bottom of the sedimentation because the water moves slowly. When Black White Limited uses direct filtration this step is not included and flock is removed by filtration only. Filtration. After the flock separated water will pass through a filter to remove particles. For filters use layers of sand and gravel, and if needed, crushes anthracite. Filtration helps us to remove dust, parasites, bacteria and chemicals. Disinfection. Once the water was filtered chlorine or chloramines can be added to ensure that any disease-causing microbes are destroyed. Chlorine or chloramines can be used because it’s very powerful disinfectant. And also to protect the water from germs when it is brings to the clients. Sludge Drying. All solids which were remained from filtration and sedimentation go to drying lagoons. pH Correction. Lime is needed because of minimize corrosion in the distribution system and to clients system also. With lime we stabilize the naturally soft water. Using the latest technologies and developments in the field of water purification allows us not only to work with government orders, but also to implement our own innovative projects. Today anyone can become a client of the company. To do this Black White Limited has launched the automatic platform for receiving investment.
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